Throw Us A Bone

We urgently require the following, We are not too proud to accept secondhand items & we will collect,

1) Wendy house 7 x 3 metres – for the cattery before kitten season comes around again

2) Digital cameras for our inspectors (we are not looking for expensive high quality ones just the normal average ones, so if you are upgrading yours, please donate your old ones to us)

Here’s what we are wishing for at the AWSS!

We appeal to our community to please help us with:

* Good quality dry dog food

* Pampers tin food

* Whiskas sachets

* Cat litter trays

* Cat litter

* Plastic dog beds

* Kennels

* Plastic pallets

* Fencing

* Food Bowls

* Plastic shells (kiddies pools) Urgent as the dogs love to play in the water when it’s so hot!

* Tin Openers

* Stationary – pens, pencils, paper, envelopes, paper clips, receipt books, invoice books etc.

* Concrete

* Wendy house

* Industrial washing machine

* Panel van or bakkie for our mobile clinic