Getting to Zero euthenasia’s of stray, abandoned and unwanted cats and dogs can only be achieved through a spay campaign.

Since June 2008 the AWSS has, thanks to the foresight of Don Maxwell, joined a worldwide movement based on a model in California, USA, whose goal is to reduce the number of euthanasias (culling or killing) of dogs and cats through the implementation of a “Sterilisation Campaign” also called “Spay Campaign”.


The more pets are sterilised the less we have to euthanase.

There are up to 1 million animals (mainly dogs and cats) euthanased per year in South Africa.

Each female cat or dog can produce about 4000 lives in 7 years.
6 puppies / kittens are born for every human baby
Homeless and hungry strays could be aggressive and carry disease
Repeated pregnancies cause unnecessary strain on the female dog and reduce her life span
Unsterilised bitches face an increased risk of breast cancer each time she comes on heat
Uterus infection is common in unsterilised bitches
Sexually active males spray or mark their territories, roam and jump fences to get to bitches on heat. They are more aggressive and prone to fighting each other.
Unsterilised males are vulnerable to prostrate disease and perianal hernias.
There are just not enough homes for all those dogs and cats.

What your pet will NOT become:

fat after sterilisation (unless you feed too much and exercise too little; like in humans)
have stunted growth and
there are NO benefits in letting your pet having a first litter

Which in the end means:

Less pain and suffering for the animals
Improved health conditions for both pets and humans
Less heart sore for the people involved
Reduced costs at the end of the day