Farm Labourers Program

Upon request & where we receive cruelty complaints, we go into the farms and start with education, stop illegal chaining, dip all the dogs, vaccinate & deworm, sterilise and when necessary treat sick animals. We also work with the owner or manager to put guidelines in place regarding the care of farm workers dogs in order to prevent further problems.


  • Only one dog per household.
  • The dog regardless of sex should be sterilized to prevent further breeding.
  • All dogs must have proper shelter from the elements, e.g. a kennel.

Suggested kennel size: Length – 1.5 x dog’s length

Width – 1.25 x dog’s height

Height – 1.5 x dog’s height

The Kennel should be: Waterproof

Raised off the ground

Made with a wooden base

4. Clean water must be available at all times.

5. The dog is fed at least once per day.

6. If absolutely necessary, a running chain may be used:

* Minimum length: Wire at least 10 x dog’s length ; Chain at least 2 x dog’s length.

  • The wire must run at ground level.
  • The stakes holding the wire should be below ground level so that the chain does not become entangled.
  • The dog must be able to get in his kennel and reach his water.
  • The area must be kept free of refuse and other litter.
  • The dog must have a proper collar on.

7. The dog must be kept of internal parasites i.e. worms and should be dewormed not less than once in six months.

8. The dog must be kept from external parasites i.e. Mange, ticks and fleas.

9. The dog should be vaccinated against Distemper, Parvo-virus and rabies

The above mentioned diseases can usually not be treated and the dog is normally put to sleep. The owner should be warned not to get another dog for several months.

10. Injured or ill dogs should be taken to a Veterinarian or brought to the Animal Welfare if a private Vet can’t be afforded.