“The greatness of a nation can be judged by the way its animals are treated.”
– Mohandas Gandhi

The aim of our programme is to try and instill the following principles to our future generation:

  • How to care for and provide the basic necessities to their pets
  • Why sterilization is so important
  • To culture a loving and compassionate attitude to all living creatures
  • Careers with animals
  • Safety around animals
  • Primary health care for animals

Humane education helps raise a generation that cares about animals and that understands that how we treat our animals reflects on them as a person.

I have realised that especially in the lower income communities the humane treatment of animals is severely lacking. The children have a very minimal understanding of what it means to look after an animal. These animals are often malnourished, full of ticks and fleas and are very scared.

Through our programme we are hoping to correct this. It is a long process and not one that will be bettered with once off lessons. We are trying to implement an ongoing education system so that the children are exposed to the humane treatment of animals on a regular basis. Only so will they learn.

We hope to achieve this by means of interactive teaching, taking them on outings to the Welfare, getting speakers in, touch and learn etc.

We also welcome any educational material such as crayons, paper, cardboard and other such items.